Easy email, Create and send

Helping business owners and consumers stay connected. ... use this as a way to deliver content to consumers and to keep them informed.

I can send emails already, why use Ozeblast?

That is correct, but your email provider is almost certain to have limits imposed on how many emails you can send each hour (ask them). This is usually, around 100-150 messages per hour. Ozeblast imposes no such limits.

Personalize your emails

Based on any contact information you have, Ozeblast makes customisation easy. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And more people will engage with your emails.

Real time reporting

Your customer dashboard will display who is opening your messages, and clicking on any links, and many more statistics.

Overview dashboard

Easily view counters about the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, email templates but also recent campaigns details and a detailed recent activity report.

Suppression lists

Suppression lists can be selected per campaign basis so that the campaign does not send to subscribers in the selected suppression lists. This is complementary to the email blacklist.

Email blacklist

This is a customer only email blacklist that applies to each email belonging to the customer, therefore email addresses listed here will never receive any communication.

Email lists management

Manage email lists, list subscribers, list segments, custom fields, list forms and list pages.

Campaigns management

Manage regular, autoresponder or recurring campaigns. Create campaign groups or custom campaign tags.

Email templates

Create and categorise as many email templates as you need. Or use one of the ones made available by system administrators.